Who We Are

Flowers and Weeds is an enchanted garden boutique and  floral design studio located on Cherokee Street in Saint Louis Missouri.  We love making unique designs for the home or the garden.  Some of our favorites to design with include: houseplants, mosses, (tilandsia or air plants) succulents, and of course cut flowers!

Jessica Douglass founded Flowers and Weeds in 2011 as a way to reconnect with the earth.  The company began with event floral design and custom terrarium making, Flowers and Weeds has since blossomed into an urban flower farm, floral design studio, and garden boutique.

We specialize in unique and old fashioned blooms grown without harsh chemicals for a fragrant and long lasting cut flower.  Moss, ferns, twigs and rocks are sustainably foraged from Missouri wilderness and are thoughtfully arranged in upcycled and unique glass to create living works of art.  Succulents, carnivorous plants, tropicals, houseplants, annuals and perennials are potted in creative containers and available for purchase at the shop.  What ever you are looking for, our designs are a perfect way to add a little life to any environment.


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